We are an experienced maid agency in Malaysia. Because of our rigorous screening process, the Filipino maids who reach your homes are reliable, hardworking and trustworthy.  They will help you in building a happy home whether they serve as as live-in nannies, live-in care givers or general live-in maids.

Applying for a maid through our maid agency is hassle – free as we are a one-stop centre.  All the different procedures necessary for bringing in a Filipino maid will be handled professionally by our team of administrators. They will provide all the following services:

  • Maid Application Process
  • Passport Renewal
  • Working Permit Renewal
  • OEC (Overseas Exit Clearance) (If the maid wants to go back to Philippine for a holiday)
  • Check Out Memo
  • Ticketing Service
  • Maid Insurance